Removing DVD-RAM disc from cartridge

Removing DVD-RAM disc from cartridgeIf you have DVD-RAM disc in a cartridge and your DVD recorder does not support cartridges, you need to remove the disc from its cartridge.


DVD-RAM disc in cartridge

DVD-RAM disc

First you need to remove disc removal lock pin, by using the pointed end of a ballpoint pen or something similar:

DVD-RAM disc lock pin removal

Removed disc lock pin:

DVD-RAM disc lock pin removed

Next, open the lid, by using a ballpen to press the indentation located on the left side of the cartridge:

Disc cartridge lid opening

Open the lid:

Open the lid

Remove the disc from cartridge:

Remove DVD-RAM disc from cartridge

When returning disc to cartridge, make sure that printed side of the shutter and printed side of the disc are on the same side.

More Information: [Using DVD-RAM disc under Windows XP->using-dvd-ram-disc-under-windows-xp]

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