Creating shortcuts on Pocket PCs

Creating shortcuts on Pocket PCsCreating shortcut to an application or a file on Pocket PC is not straightforward. You need to know how to use “File Explorer” and location where to put new shortcuts (for example to have them appear in “Programs”).

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Common shortcut locations:

– For “Programs”: “\My Device\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\” and subfolders

– For “Start menu”: “\My Device\Windows\Start Menu\”

Creating shortcut:

1. Start “File Explorer”: click on “Start menu”->”Programs”, and click on its icon.

2. Navigate to location where an application or a file is located

3. Tap and hold stylus on application executable or a file and click “Copy” on popup menu

Tap and hold stylus on application executable or a file and click

4. Navigate “File Explorer” to “Programs” or “Start menu” location as noted above. In this example “\My Device\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\”

5. Scroll down bellow all other icons and tap and hold on empty space

6. Click “Paste Shortcut” from popup menu


7. New shortcut will apear named “Shortcut to My Application.exe” (or any other name depending on file you selected.

8. If you want, you can rename shortcut by tapping and holding on it and selecting “Rename” from pupup menu. Keyboard will appear, type new name for shortcut and press enter.

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