Changing screen orientation on Pocket PC

Rotating screen on Pocket PCIf your Pocket PC is running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition, Windows Mobile 5 or newer, you can change screen orientation. Choices are Portrait, Landscape right-handed and Landscape left-handed. Also, you can assign hardware button to change screen orientation on the fly.

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Changing screen orientation:

1. Click on “Start Menu”->”Settings”

2. Change to “System” tab and click on “Screen” icon

System screen settings

3. Select orientation (Portrait, Landscape right-handed or Landscape left-handed)

System screen settings

4. Click OK

Assigning hardware button to toggle screen orientation:

1. Click on “Start Menu”->”Settings”

2. Click on “Buttons” icon

Buttons settings icon

3. Select hardware button

4. From “Assign a program” combobox select “” action

Buttons applet

5. Click OK

6. Press selected hardware button to test screen orientation change.

Example of Portrait and landscape screen orientation:

Buttons settings Landscape screen on PocketPC

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