How to enable ClearType in Windows XP

FontClearType is Microsoft technology that improves font display on color LCDs. It does that by using RGB subpixels to antialias font edges.

It is simple to enable in Windows XP

Example of the same text without ClearType and with Cleartype. Image is 200% enlarged:

ClearType example

Enabling ClearType manually:

1. Right click on empty space on your desktop and select “Properties”

2. Select “Appearance” tab and click on button “Effects”

3. Check box next to “Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts”

4. From drop down box select “ClearType”

Display Properties - Appearance - Effects

5. Click “OK” on both dialogs

6. Visit ClearType tuner on Microsoft’s site to fine tune ClearType settings (only IE)

Enabling ClearType with PowerToy Tuner

Download ClearType PowerToy Tuner from Microsoft and install it. Follow instructions from the same web page. You can also fine tune ClearType settings

More information about Microsoft ClearType technology

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