How to enable and use hibernation in Windows

Hibernate buttonHibernation is a feature of Windows operating system. When you hibernate computer, content of RAM is saved to hard disk before power off. When you turn on your computer next time, system will be restored to the state before powering off. This means that all programs will continue executing as nothing happened. Restoring from hibernation i usually faster than normal boot. Hibernation feature takes the same amount of space on hard drive as you have RAM installed.

Follow these steps to enable hibernation:

1. Open Control Panel ([How to access Control Panel->how-to-access-control-panel-in-windows])

2. Click “Power Options”

3. Select “Hibernate” tab

4. Check “Enable hibernation”

Power Options Properties Hibernation

5. Clik “OK” button

6. To hibernate computer click “Start”, then “Turn off Computer…”, hold “Shift” button and click “Hibernate”

Turn off your computer

How to hibernate computer by clicking power button

You can assign different types of shutdown (stand by, hibernate, shutdown) to power button on computer case. To assign hibernation, follow these steps:

1. Open “Power Options” as above

2. Select “Advanced” tab

3. In “When I press power button on my computer” combo box select “Hibernate”

Power Options Properties Advanced

4. Click “OK” button

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